First trip Brazil 2015


How was the trip?

Two years after opening Gay Kitesurfers Facebook group and recruited guys lost around the world, we decided to make the first trip together. We had never met and we didn’t know anybody among us but the fact of having a passion in common and being all of the same sexual condition were reasons enough to try an unforgettable vacations.


11 boys Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Spain, France and Switzerland arrived at Fortaleza Airport a Friday in October for a 10 days of kiteboarding holidays.


One of the founders said a memorable phrase on the bus to our first destination. – “It is the first time ever in the history of the humanity that a group of 11 gay kitesurfers are inside a bus” we couldn’t stop laughing but in fact it was very true. It had not been easy to find gay guys who liked kitesurfing but the first trip together had just begun and we were setting a precedent.


The trip was fantastic, the companionship and friendship emerged throughout the days between the kitesurfing sessions. In the morning we woke up early, enjoying a breakfast with sea views and the rest of the day were kitesurfing and enjoying the great food at Cabana do Kite in Icaraizinho. We had the opportunity to navigate in spots such as  Pathos Lagoon and the beaches of Caetanos de Cima.


Some of us also continued a second week sailing further north in Barra Grande. A place more touristy but with very good wind conditions.


The trip ended but it certainly was not going to be the last time we would meet.





Coming from:

Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Spain, Switzerland


Icaraizinho, Pathos, Moitas, Caetanos, Barra Grande,