Gay Kitesurfing trip to Cape Verde 2017


How was the trip?

After the cold winter, we needed to start the spring with enthusiasm so we looked for a cheap and windy destination for everyone to practice Kite Surfing.

Cape Verde is a good destination with good wind statistics from December to May and where the standard of living is quite humble. We organize a trip in Easter Holidays for ten days.

We rented a large house to host the nine gay kitesurfers that we attended this trip friends from Argentina, Spain, Norway and Germany. On the Sal Island with a desertic landscape, we enjoyed of its warm and clean waters.

We Kitesurfed mainly in Kite Beach, which is where the lovers of this sport come together. On the left side of the beach, the waves are very fun to play with and it is not too congested with people. You have to be careful with the rocks since in that area they are a few meters from the shore. Easily we saw dozens of turtles while we were on the board.

We were lucky enough to meet with Mitu Monteiro where he has his kite school and we greeted him when he came to the beach area where we were. A very nice guy.

We tried to kite in Santa Maria but there the wind came at a very bad angle and little force so it was quite difficult to go upwind. I do not recommend to go to that beach if there are not perfect conditions.
A comment that the city is very lively, the locals very friendly where they respect their slogan “Cabo Verde no stress” so the pace of life is quite an island like you can imagine. Highly recommended fresh fish, specialy tuna.
Without a doubt Cape Verde is a good bet for an economic budet near Europe to practice kitesurfing.

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People from:

Germany, Argentina, Spain and Norway