Express to Tarifa 2017




The Europeans Kiters want an express organization at the end of the summer. For a few days in september 2017. The most crewded kitesurfing spot of Europe is wating for us. We will rent a house for over 8 persons and a second one it is required. We will need cars to go to the different spots. After Kitesurfing we will go to the town for nice dinners and chill out bar beach. If there is not wind there are many things to do.


Contact us if you want to come.


How was the trip?


We had a great time all together 5 days of Kite surfing in Tarifa. We were 12 persons coming from Spain, England, Norway, Belgium, Germany and France. Apparently the forecast was not so good for that week however we could kite every single day using kites with some days with between 20 and 35 knots. Always Tarifa is giving us the best in food, sunsets, nice bars to have a drink at night. I enjoyed the tapas in the a bar called Lola where the atmosphere is great at this time in the terrace in a nice and tiny square.


We have a new a new comer joining the group and taking his first lessons in the beach of Los Lances. He was very happy with his progress after 3 days and we are sure he will keep coming for the next trips. We also kite surf in the beach of Valdevaqueros where the wind is always present with the best kite surfer of Tarifa. It was delightful.


We where in two great houses sharing the apartments with swimming pool, garden, very big rooms and several terraces. The accommodation was quite cheap so it was worth it the long trip some of the guys took just for a few days.


I hope to keep organizing this Express to Tarifa in 2018 again as it always has a great combination of kite surfing and fun.


Avarage host price:

100€ per person