Dakhla 2017


How was the trip?


This time we were 12 boys with the first lesbian of the group from countries like Argentina, Germany, England, Spain and France.

We stayed in a kitesurfing camp with all the services as warehouse, bungalows, buffet, and school at the side of the beach. We come to the conclusion that this is one of the best places worldwide that brings together all the conditions to learn kitesurf. In fact, three of our friends were able to learn and improve their technique until they managed to go upwind with their kites. The rest of attendees with a a good level we were able to learn new tricks and improve our technique in a shore without waves.

We did an excursion to the Speed Spot, amazing how flat we found the water along the shore. We had never surfed in such smooth water. Reaching high speeds. Definitely unforgettable.

The best of the trip was the opportunity to welcome a new members and enjoy with everyone the moments of meeting inside and outside of the water.


12 Days



Coming from

Argentina, England, France, Germany and Spain


Dakhla Attitude and Speed Spot