Gay Kitesafari in Brazil 2022



After two years of pandemic, it’s time to return to Brazil this summer 2022 in style. With one of the most ambitious trips we have ever organized. It’s time to make a gay kitesafari on the best coast of the world for kitesurfing. A trip that covers three Brazilian states, Ceará, Plauí and Maranhao during 14 days.


We will kitesurf from Taíba to Atins, sleep in different spots Taiba, Icaraizinho, Jericoacoara, Barra Grande, Atins and Maceió for several days to explore the area.


It will not be a relaxing trip precisely because the idea is to travel through the water when we change from one spot to another. But we will be able to relax at least 2 or 3 nights in each spot, and the guides will take us to discover the area before continuing to the next spot.


What are the dates of the trip?
The trip starts on August 6th at 9:00 am and ends on the evening of August 20th (time to be determined) at Fortaleza Airport, where we will be picked up by the guide company. Be sure to take a flight to arrive before the 6th and leave after the 20th.



What is the travel plan?

06/08 – Pick up at Fortaleza airport -> transfer Taiba (1h20 min)
07/08 – Kite in Taiba

08/08 – Downwind Taiba – Paracurú – 20km – Kite Paracurú and transfer by car to Icaraizinho in the afternoon (1h45)
09/08 – Kite in Patos Lagoon

10/08 – Kite in the morning in Icaraizinho – transfer by car to Jericoacoara (2h30)
11/08 – Downwind Barrinha – 10km – Preá and kite in Preá in front of Rancho do Peixe – back to Jeri in the afternoon
12/08 – Downwind to Tatajuba – 19km – back to Jericoacoara in the evening

13/08 – Kite in Guriú and transfer to Barra Grande (3h)
14/08 – Kite in Lagoa do Mangue and Macapá – return to Barra Grande in the afternoon.

15/08 – Transfer to Atins in the morning (5h) and kite in Atins in the afternoon.
16/08 – Downwind of 15km and kite in the lagoons of the Lençois Maranhenses National Park
17/08 – Kite in Atins
Return to FORTALEZA with kite and night in MACEIÓ
18/08 – Transfer at 09:00 to Maceió (5h) – kite in the afternoon in Maceió
19/08 – Transfer Maceió – Fortaleza (6h) arriving late night


What is included in the price?

– Pick up at Fortaleza airport
– Accommodation in Superior / Standard Pousadas
– Buffet breakfast
– 4×4 support by the beach (whenever possible) throughout the trip
– Drivers guides specialized in kite and rescue
– Gas
– Kitesurfing guides on the water at all times – 2 guides
– Water in the downwinds
– Lycra and cap
– Transfer Maceió – Fortaleza airport


What is not included?
Flights to Fortaleza, everyone must buy his own ticket.
Lunch and dinner, but the places we visit have many dining options for all budgets.
Travel insurance, personal travel insurance, is recommended.


What are the accommodations like?
We will stay in typical Brazilian lodges of a superior/standard level above 8.4 and most above 9 points on booking. Most of the time we will have shared rooms for 3 people.


How many gay kitesurfers are we going?
Places are limited to 12 people.


What kind of security do we have?
We will have two guides in the water that will guide us at all times in the downwind, from the start to the end. We will have 4, 4×4 vehicles that will accompany us as much as possible along the coast, although not always due to the lack of roads along the coast.


What level of kitesurfing is required?
A medium level of kitesurfing is required. It is necessary to be able to kitesurf downwind with easily, be autonomous and able to do a self rescue by yourself.


What if I am a beginner or have never kitesurfed before?
We recommend not to come on this trip if you have not done a kitesurfing course before or you are very beginner. However, there are two places for those who already know how to kitesurf and are starting to do upwind. These people will ride in the cars on the downwind and will wait for the rest at the arrival point where they can take lessons. Remember that the lessons are not included on the price.


How much does the trip cost?
The trip has a cost of 2,100€ per person for a group of 12 people. If there are fewer kitesurfers, it is possible that the cost will go up a little more, but we will try to adjust the conditions so the price remains the same.


What luggage do I bring?
You are only allowed 2 pieces of luggage, one kitebag per person and one cabin bag or backpack. It is important to respect the luggage space reserved for each traveler. If someone carries more than the allowed amount, they risk having to find an alternative vehicle to have their extra luggage sent to them in another vehicle at the traveler’s expense.


What size kites should I take?
For a person of 75 kg we recommend to take a range of 7 to 11 meters with two bars if possible.



Should you wish to cancel the trip after any payment has been made, the refund is subject to the terms and conditions of the accommodations, car rental and guiding company, so we recommend that you make sure you are able to come on the trip before booking. Otherwise, we cannot assure you that you will get all the money back, there have been cases of losing the money for not having requested the vacation days at work.


How do I book the trip?
To book the trip it is essential to fill in the booking form. Once the 12 places have been filled we will email you confirming your reservation. We will then require a payment of 50% of the trip for the reservation which must be made within 5 days. The second payment must be made before June 20, 2022.