Gay Kitesurf Tour to Brazil 2019

Gay Kitesurf Tour to Brazil September 2019


Brazil Tour 2019

Dates: 13 Sep 2019 – 28  Sep 2019

9 Persons only.

Hi, guys, I am happy to announce you the tour I am organizing this year for Brazil in September. It is gonna be incredibly impressive!!!

The trip starts with a meeting point in Fortaleza on the 13th of September. Everything from there will be included except the meals and excursions or downwinds.

We will travel to Icarizinho, a great spot that some of us already know, after a few days we will go to a very fun and party spot as Jericoacoara. After a couple of days we will travel to Atins, a heavenly spot in the heart of the Lencois Maranhenses. The last day it is time to take the last transferred to San Luis to fly back to Fortaleza.

Here are the details of the trip.

September 13 – Icarizinho (5 nights)


  • Recommended arrival in Fortaleza in the afternoon.
  • 21:15 Transfer to Icarizinho.
  • Common big house for everyone.
  • Breakfast (Not included yet, need to be negotiated with a local)
  • Optional Extras:
  • Lunch and dinner, kite locker, downwind to Moitas / Pathos, downwind to Caetanos, Dune and Oysters Night. (Not included)

September 18 – Jericocoara (4 nights)


  • 8:00 Transfer to Jericoacoara
  • Pousada well-located close to the beach and the  village
  • Extras Optional:
  • Breakfast, Lunch and dinner, Kite locker,  Downwinds, Excursion lagoon, Excursion to Tatajuba (Not included)

September 22 –  Atins (6 nights)


  • 8:00 Transfer to Atins.7 hours by car 20 mins by boat. (Not included yet I am waiting for some quotations).
  • Common super VIP house for everyone.
  • Extras: Breakfast, Foods, Kite locker, Excursions to visit/kite the Lecons, Downwinds. (Not included) There is a woman that will cook for us if we want (not included)

September 28 – Return to Fortaleza by plane.


  • 8:00 Transfer to the airport in Sant Louis (Not included yet, to be booked once we are there) 1 hour by boat + 3 hours by car 177R (41€ more or less)
  • Flight to Fortaleza (Flight included). The kite-bag is not included because it has to be paid at the airport. 140 R (35€)

770€ Price is validated until at 03/04/2019 Please take account that we are waiting for the quotation of the transfer to Jeri – Atins and the flight from Sant Luis to Fortaleza can change. I can guarantee that the price would be the same after 03/04/2019

Please note that this trip has space only for 9 people as it is quite difficult to organize the infrastructure for more. The persons which are interested should come to the full tour. In case you want to keep travelling after Atins and you don’t need going back to Fortaleza, of course, you won’t pay that flight.

The reservation will be confirmed by order of registration and also once the payment of the 50% of the trip has been paid. This reservation it might not be refundable as I have to pay in advance all the services and each has their own cancellation terms. So please be sure you will attend the trip before paying. The last payment will be requested for one month and a half in advance.

If you want to prebook your trip fill this form. I will contact you with the information to make the first payment of 50% in order to confirm your place.
Looking forward to seeing you soon in Brazil!!!!